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Services Include:






innovative and skillfully targeted

enrollment marketing strategies

We have conducted hundreds of research studies, including these indications and more:


Age-Associated Memory Impairment --- AAMI

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder --- ADHD



Alzheimer’s disease

Anxiety Relapse Prevention

Bipolar Disorder

Depression ~ Adults

Depression ~ Elderly

Depression Relapse Prevention

Duodenal Ulcers


Generalized Anxiety Disorder



Irritable Bowel Syndrome ~ IBS

Major Depressive Disorder ~ MDD

Mild Cognitive Impairment ~ MCI

Multi-Infarct Dementia ~ MID

Migraine Headaches

Menstrual-Associated Migraine Headaches


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ~ OCD


Panic Disorder

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder ~ PTSD


Social Anxiety Disorder

Smoking Cessation

Vascular Dementia

Goal-Setting and Patient Recruitment Strategy Development


Measurement and Tracking Metrics


Communication with research site and sponsor


Media Buying


Web Development


Creative Development:  Broadcast, outdoor, direct mail, print, internal marketing, including brochures, reminder cards, patient letters, posters, reminder cards


Public Relations

Recruitment and enrollment marketing is increasingly challenging.  Reaching the target population is increasingly difficult due to market fragmentation and competition.  Recruitment efforts can be costly and time consuming.  If you are pushing business to fill a sales funnel, having a team that understands the challenges of this effort is essential.

Altree Advertising specializes in recruitment and enrollment marketing.  Our ability to target market, strategize communication and brand promise, along with compelling advertising strategies and production, is our niche and we have over 20 years of time tested strategies for success.

We have used these recruitment strategies for numerous industries including patient recruitment for clinical trials, health insurance and higher education admissions and enrollment.

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